Yuusuke Karasawa Architects - S-House, Saitama, Japan

‘S-House’ by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects, Saitama, Japan

Jiani Lu - The Bookbinding Essentials with -ING Creatives, 2014

‘The Bookbinding Essentials’ by Jiani Lu, in collaboration with -ING, a creative community based in Dubai

Loeky Firet - View on the Louvre, Paris (4 Nov 2014)

‘View on the ‪Louvre‬, Paris’ by Loeky Firet November 4, 2014

Bhakti Baxter - Rubber spine, 2014

‘Rubber spine’ by Bhakti Baxter, 2014 Concrete and rubber 183,5 × 30,5 × 30,5cm (72 1/4 × 12 × 12in.)

Scott Brasher - Flaviana Matata for Lagos Jewelry, styled by Kelly Framel for The Glamourai

‘The Allure Of Lagos’, Flaviana Matata by Scott Brasher for Lagos Jewelry Styled by Kelly Framel for The Glamourai October 25, 2014

James Bertrand - Visual identity for L'Alchimiste, coffee roaster in Bordeaux, France

Visual identity by James Bertrand for L’Alchimiste Photos by Paul Fudal

Heritage-Paris - H-15

‘H-15′ bicycle by Heritage-Paris Leather work by Bruno Broquet, M.O.F* for leather sheathing *: Best French Craftsman

Eliumstudio - Home camera for Withings

‘Home’ by Eliumstudio for Withings HD camera with environmental sensors V.O.C sensor Temperature sensor Humidity sensor Alerts ‘WithBaby’ iOS app