Mur.Mur - restaurant Le Mordant, 61 rue de Chabrol 75010 Paris

‘Le Mordant’ (The Incisive) by Mur.Mur architecture studio, 2015 Restaurant and wine bar 61, rue de Chabrol 75010 Paris

Mikiya Kobayashi - Picnic and Picnic Nonohana collection, 2015

‘Picnic’ collection and ‘Picnic Nonohana’ series by design studio Mikiya Kobayashi, 2015 Produced by Kutani Choemon, a pottery manufacturer in Ishikawa, Japan Photos by Yosuke Owashi

The Art of Shoe Making - Emiko Matsuda from Foster and Son crafting a bespoke brogue from start to finish

‘The Art of Shoe’, Emiko Matsuda from Foster & Son crafting a bespoke brogue from start to finish Video by Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Anish Kapoor - Sister piece of -When I am pregnant- (1992), 2005 - fiberglass and paint, 198 x 152 x 15 cm

Sister piece of ‘When I am pregnant’ (1992) by Anish Kapoor, 2005 Fiberglass and paint 198 x 152 x 15cm (75.5 x 59.8 x 5.9in.)

Chun-Ta Chu - 2014 Portfolio-The Creativity Beyond Essence

‘2014 Portfolio – 襯衫下,衣架上The Creativity Beyond Essence’ by Chun-Ta Chu

Note Design Studio - Platel for Punt Mobles, 2014

‘Platel’ by Note Design Studio for Punt Mobles, 2014

Andrew Wagner - Fractured table concept model v1. 2013

‘Fractured table concept model v1.’ by Andrew Wagner, 2013 from ‘Ruined Furniture’ series

Chevalier Edition - Carpets by Philippe Baudelocque_1234

Carpets for Chevalier Edition ‘1234’ by Philippe Baudelocque ‘Eglantine’ 1 & 2 by Koralie ‘SupaFlat’ & ‘SupaCut’ by SupaKitch