Dario Escobar - Untitled (bat), 2001 (Wood, tin and silver 33.062 x 2.938 in (83.98 x 7.46 cm)

‘Untitled’ by Dario Escobar, 2001 Wood, tin and silver 33 x 2.9in. (83.9 x 7.4cm)

Jac Jagaciak in -I Am Your Tinder Surprise- for Marfa Journal Issue 2 - Photographed by Joachim Johnson

Model Jac Jagaciak in ‘I Am Your Tinder Surprise’ for Marfa Journal Issue #2 Photo by Joachim Johnson

Strange Matter (STRxM) - Clean Hi Sneakers

‘Clean Hi Sneakers’ by Strange Matter Exclusively available at Barneys New York here

Alex Seton - On hold, 2008

Artworks by Alex Seton ‘Refoulement’, ‘Dark heart’, ‘Roughing out’ & ‘On hold’ series Different marbles

Billy Name by Blake Boyd

Billy Name by Blake Boyd ‘Becoming Billy Name*’ directed by Alexa Karolinski Viewable at DOCNYC *: William ‘Billy Name’ Linich : photographer, filmmaker, archivist of the Warhol Factory from 1964 to 1970

Mr. Porter - The Manual for a Stylish Life - Volume One

The Mr Porter Paperback ‘The Manual for a Stylish Life’ Volume One, Volume Two & Vol. II Limited Edition Written by Jeremy Langmead (Mr. Porter’s ex-editor in chief), David Pearson (book designer) and Leon St-Amour (Mr. Porter’s ex-artistic director)

Bentu Design - Zhi and Kou cement furnishings

‘Zhi and Kou’ cement furnishings by Bentu Design* *: the Bentu Design website seems to actually not working please go to Designboom for more informations