La Boite concept - LD 130 Corian Series

LD 130 CS, Corian Series by La Boite Concept Description : Active speaker with an Atoll Burr-Brown® DAC (24 bits) input, with Mini-Jack, RCA inputs. HD Wireless Music Kit: Bluetooth® 4.0 apt-X. 30cm trapdoor with a 220v Power Socket 130 … Continue reading

microclimat - residence hotel-de-ville (photos by adrien williams)

‘Hôtel-de-Ville’ residence by microclimat, 2015 Photos by Adrien Williams

Lalle Johnson, stylist and men's fashion consultant - Founder of Mr. Johnson's Wardrobe

Lalle Johnson, stylist and men’s fashion consultant Founder of Mr. Johnson’s Wardrobe

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bedervet: Instagram: PetterDang Phhhoto: Origin VSCO: PetterDang

Maxim Maximov - fon for Asketic, 2015

‘Fon’ by Maxim Maximov for Asketic, 2015 Plaster or ceramics

Jacob Kassay - HIJK, installation at Xavier Hufkens gallery, 2015

‘HIJK’ by Jacob Kassay Installation at Xavier Hufkens gallery, 2015