Alexandre Pietra - Branding for The Nordic food truck

Branding by Alexandre Pietra for The Nordic food truck

Byron and Gomez - Log Stack cabinet

‘Log Stack Cabinet’ by Byron & Gómez Wood and resin

Yota Karuda Design - Beer Server and Bottle for Kirin, 2015

‘Home beer server & bottle’ by Yota Karuda Design for Kirin, 2015 Photo by Takumi Ota & Yoriyuki Kuribayashi

Rasmus Erixon and Tobias Moller - Moller-Barnekow package (student work)

‘Møller/Barnekow’ by Rasmus Erixon & Tobias Möller

Design bureau ODESD2 - Q5 chair

‘Q5 chair’ by ODESD2 Aluminum alloy, felt. W540 x L605 x H775mm (W19.8 x L23.8 x H30.5in.)