Simon Heijdens - Shade, Now Gallery, London, 2014

‘Shade’ by Studio Simon Heijdens, Now Gallery, London, 2014

Tauba Auerbach - The New Ambidextrous Universe I, 2013 (Plywood)

‘The New Ambidextrous Universe I’ by Tauba Auerbach, 2013 Plywood

Concrete Amsterdam - Zoku, A Thriving Neighborhood for Global Nomads

‘Zoku’ by Concrete Amsterdam A Thriving Neighborhood for Global Nomads

Tina Lopez - URBAN SKY - restaurant Flat Iron, Mai 2015

‘Urban Sky’ by Tina Lopez at the Flat Iron, Paris Opening May 29th to July 11th Flat Iron

Morey Talmor - Before and after science, a tribute to Brian Eno, 2010

‘Before and after science’ by Morey Talmor, 2010 A tribute to Brian Eno‘s same-named album (1977)

Robert Stadler - PdT (ashlar) collection, 2015 (Carpenters Workshop Gallery, photos by Adrien Millot)

‘PdT’* collection by Studio Robert Stadler, 2015 Available at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery Photos by Adrien Millot *: ‘Pdt’ stands for Pierre de Taille (ashlar) in french

Jordi Lopez Aguilo - Carved bowl, 2014, photos by Maria Mira

‘Carved’ pin trays by Jordi López Aguiló, 2014 Solid beech Photos by Maria Mira

ViewFind - Help us save photojournalism by Justin Mears

ViewFind, the future of photojournalism and the art of visual storytelling by Zhengyu Huang, Justin Mears and Pulitzer prizewinner Thea Breite w/ The Boston Globe team in 2014 Participate to the crownfounding’s campaign via Kickstarter