‘The Fantasies of Charles’ by Charles Kaisin

Belgian designer Charles Kaisin hosted a dinner during the Art Brussels fair entitled ‘The Fantasies of Charles’ which included a 10 foot (3 meter) solid oak and beach table. The horizontal surface is supported by several trees down the center of the piece which continue past the top of the work, the branches reaching the ceiling of the space. The trunks take the place of instead of evenly positioned legs in a seemingly random order. While some trees continued upwards, others grow through the surface into candle holders just past the surface of the work, giving the impression that the table top is floating between the foliage. 

The 36 seater table was completed by gold flooring and white draping. the guests, including Elio di Ruppo, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Xavier and Hubert Guerrand-Hermès enjoyed 36 birds flying above their heads as they feasted on a seven course meal.

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