FRAGIL Musique‘, music label from Nantes, France.
Visuals created by Platicbionic in collaboration with
the photographer Souenellen. See his photos in the
gallery below.

FRAGIL Producers and Djs :
Raphaël : Head of the label / Dj (Nantes, France)

C.H.I.C.H.I : Dj (Barcelone, Spain)

Cédric Borghi : Producer / Live / Dj (Brussels, Belgium)

Clayton Guifford : Dj (Paris, France) click here for booking

Imugem Orihasam : Producer (Otaru, Japan)

Kenny Lane : Producer / Dj (Wittenberge, Germany)

WOMAN (Terence :Terry: & U S H)

Society of Silence : Producers / Live (Paris, France)

ME : Producer / Dj (Nantes, France)

Photos by Souenellen from the FRAGIL N.Y.E Party
‘Like There Is No Tomorrow’ at the ‘Insula’, Nantes, France

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