‘Directional Forces’ by Joseph Beuys, 1977
An installation of 100 chalked blackboards featuring the wide range of subjects that Beuys covered in his lecture presentations.
Beuys developed the role of the artist as pedagogue throughout the 1970s, including discussion and teaching in his expanded definition of art, delivering lectures in galleries and art colleges using complex annotated chalk drawings on blackboards. His thinking was highly influenced by the work of the educationalist thinker, Rudolph Steiner, and his theories of ‘Social Sculpture’ and the ‘Social organism as work of art’ emerge from Steiner’s theories of the ‘Social Three-folding’ of ‘economy, politics and culture’.
Beuys believed that art and creativity had the power to transform, and key to this was the belief that ongoing, active debate is necessary to stimulate this.

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